As Bees in Honey DrownAs Bees in Honey Drown will run October 3 & 4


Evan Wyler is the toast of New York with the release of his debut novel. A twenty-something wunderkind who is riding his wave of success. Enter Alexa Vere de Vere. Eccentric, mysterious, connected, and eager for Evan to write the screenplay of her life. Leading him around, like a puppy on a leash, dropping delicious anecdotes and quips, Evan finds himself falling for her despite the fact … more

The Heiress PlayThe Heiress will run November 7-22, 2014


Catherine Sloper, a shy and plain young girl, falls desperately in love with a delightful young fortune hunter. Catherine’s lack of worldliness prevents her from realizing that the young man proposing to her is not entirely drawn to her by her charm. Catherine’s father, a successful doctor, sees through the fortune hunter and forbids the marriage, but his daughter proposes an elopement that fails to materialize. Catherine retires into a world of her own, until the fortune hunter turns up once more … more