Lyrics and Music by Stephen Sondheim

Book by John Weidman

It’s finally here!

The cast of the show consists of 7 men and 2 women who have at one time in America’s history attempted to kill or successfully killed, Presidents of the United States. In addition, there are 5 “ensemble” members who not only act as America’s response to the killers but also as other real-life characters in the historical setting of each event.  The ensemble also has two songs of its own in Sondheim’s brilliant score. Finally, there is also 1 young male in the show, approximately 9 years old, who plays Sara Jane Moore’s son and joins the ensemble as well.

Auditions are by appointment only on Saturday, March 2nd from 2pm-6pm and on March 3rd from 4pm-7pm. 

This is how it will work:

  1. Email The Village Players at for an audition time. Auditions will be held in 8-minute increments.  Please provide for us a general area of time which is good for you (e.g Sat, 2nd, between 3-4pm) and we will accommodate you the best we can.  We will come as close as we can to the time you have requested. Times will be given on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. We will send you verification of your audition time and the following attachments:
    • A Village Players Audition Form (please fill out before arriving).
    • A package of music. We are asking everyone to sing a short piece from the show.  We will include music for a variety of characters, you can pick the one you wish to sing.  We are looking primarily at range as we listen to auditions.
    • Recordings of the songs we sent out.
  3. In addition, you may sing 32 bars from any Sondheim song from his catalog if you choose.
  4. Scenes from the show will be given out to some auditioners in a “cold reading” format.  Note: Some characters have accents: Booth (US Southern), Zangara (Italian), Czolgosz (Polish).
  5. While not mandatory at this time, you are strongly encouraged to provide a headshot and resume if available.

If you have any questions about auditions, please contact the Director of the production, Bill Quinlan at


How we do auditions

Our auditions are all “cold reads,” meaning that no preparation is necessary. If you feel inclined to get a jump on the competition, many scripts are available at The Toledo Lucas County Public Library. Headshots and résumés are not required, however, they are always welcome. We provide a brief information sheet that you will need to complete in order to audition. So what are you waiting for?!

If you know of anyone who might like to be added to The Village Players’ email audition list, please subscribe to our newsletters. Thank you for your interest.

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