Upcoming Auditions!

The Importance of Being Earnest (Mainstage)

Directed by Nancy Wright

  • December 5 from 6:30-9:30 PM at The Village Players Theatre
    • Optional callback: December 6 at 6:30 PM at The Village Players Theatre

Show Dates: March 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, & 23, 2019

Casting 9 Actors (4 or 5 women and 4 or 5 men)

*British accents appreciated, but not required.


  • JACK WORTHING — age 35-40; proud, high-profile bachelor lacking a family tree; master of duplicity, he uses the alternate identity “Earnest” when convenient, but he’s mostly hard-working & responsible; legal guardian of Cecily; he falls hard for Gwendolen
  • ALGERNON MONCRIEFF — age 35-40; nephew of Lady Bracknell; privileged & frivolous; like Jack, he uses the alternate identity “Earnest” when convenient; unlike Jack, Algernon isn’t serious about anything – until he falls for Cecily
  • REV. CHASUBLE — age 40-60; old-school, a bumbling minister who harbors a great passion
  • MERRIMAN — age 30-60; all-seeing, all-knowing personal assistant to Jack; keeps an absolutely deadpan face amid total chaos
  • LANE — age 30-60; all-seeing, all-knowing personal assistant to Algernon; lies to & for the boss as needed but pilfers from him at will
  • LADY BRACKNELL — age 50-60; vibrant mother of Gwendolen and aunt of Algernon; extremely high self-esteem; attractive, rich, & socially connected via the country club, etc.
  • GWENDOLEN FAIRFAX — age 25-35; openly rebels against her mother but is actually a lot like her: spoiled, beautiful, clever, self-possessed; will get everything she wants
  • CECILY CARDEW — age 20-25; biological daughter of Algernon’s now deceased adoptive father; she lives in Algernon’s home, and he is her guardian; Cecily is sweet, naïve, romantic & impatient with old-fashioned rules
  • MISS PRISM — age 40-60; old-school tutor baffled by technology & other issues, but she has passions

*Bracknell will be played by a woman as a woman, but personal assistants Merriman & Lane are gender-nonspecific in this production. Because this is set in 2019, we’re playing our eligible singles as older than is conventional for the original time period of this play.

Actors will be asked to read sides from the script which will be provided by the theatre.

Synopsis: Two charming young ladies—sophisticated Gwendolen from the city and naive Cecily from the country—are in love with Earnest Worthing. But there is no such person as Earnest Worthing. Gwendolen thinks Jack is Earnest, and Cecily thinks Algernon is Earnest. Each girl swears that she could never love a man who wasn’t named Earnest. In the midst of all this confusion comes Lady Bracknell, who doesn’t like the idea of anybody loving anybody.

By setting Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy in 2019, we’ll celebrate the way smartphones and social media intensify self-absorption and the search for approval — not to mention how easy it is to pretend to be someone better than the person you really are. Get ready for selfies, tweets, Instagram, and Uber drivers!

How we do auditions

Our auditions are all “cold reads,” meaning that no preparation is necessary. If you feel inclined to get a jump on the competition, many scripts are available at The Toledo Lucas County Public Library. Headshots and résumés are not required, however, they are always welcome. We provide a brief information sheet that you will need to complete in order to audition. So what are you waiting for?!

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