Upcoming Auditions!

Bedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourn (comedy)
Directed by Nancy Wright

Audition Date and Time: Wednesday, December 4, 6:30 to 9:30 PM
Note: Callbacks, only if needed, TBA.

Performance Dates: March 13-21

Audition Format: Actors will read from the script, which will be available at the theatre. All characters are British, so British accents are required. All ethnicities are welcome in all roles.  

Character Breakdown:
Ernest ~ age 60s-70s. A bumbler. Likes his creature comforts and routine. A practical problem solver. Stodgy and easily ruffled, but ultimately impossible to bully. His idea of a good time is sipping hot cocoa and eating sardines on toast in bed. Delia’s husband and Trevor’s father.

Delia ~ age 60s-70s. Has an unforced British eccentricity. Upper-middle-class. Dignified and particular. Has a nagging but loving relationship with her husband Ernest. Mother of Trevor.

Nick ~ age 30s-40s. A restless, grumpy workaholic and hypochondriac. Currently bedridden from a minor back injury. We see him at his worst: an appalling patient. Reliant on his wife, Jan.

Jan ~ age 30s-40s. Reliable and resourceful, caring and patient but also independent. Is still alluring to her needy ex-boyfriend Trevor. Has transferred her former passion for Trevor to her husband Nick, whose bad moods do not dim her spirit.

Malcolm ~ age 20s-30s. Playful husband of Kate. An Alpha Male handyman wannabe. A keeper of the peace. Determined once he makes up his mind. Truly in love with his wife. Has an ego that needs propping up.

Kate ~ age 20s-30s. Kind, generous, and hospitable. Happy to play second fiddle. Has an honest, affectionate relationship with her husband Malcolm. Supportive. Seems a bit dim at times but definitely is not.

Trevor ~ age 20s-30s. Bitter, self-centered husband of Susannah. Has a one-track mind. Supremely selfish. Not gifted with the greatest intelligence although he considers himself extremely sensitive. Given to wild swings of emotion. In a rocky marriage. Capable of regret.

Susannah ~ age 20s to 30s. Dramatic, disillusioned wife of Trevor, prone to tears. Attractive but has no self-esteem. Tries way too hard. Totally self-obsessed and neurotic. A hot mess. Not bright.

Plot Summary: 
This fast-paced comedy, featuring four married couples, takes place in three bedrooms over the course of one night. The oldest couple, Delia & Ernest, are getting ready to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Meanwhile, Kate & Malcolm, the youngest couple, are hosting a housewarming party to which the other two couples, Jan & Nick and Susannah & Trevor — the latter being the only ones whose bedroom we don’t see — are invited. Then Nick hurts his back and is unable to go. The complication is that Jan used to be Trevor’s girlfriend, and after Susannah and Trevor have a blazing row, Susannah finds Trevor kissing Jan. As a result, Susannah tearfully leaves the party to seek advice from Delia and Ernest, who are Trevor’s parents. Susannah ends up falling asleep in Delia’s bed while Ernest is forced to sleep in the spare room. Meanwhile, kindly Kate offers a distraught Trevor her and Malcolm’s spare room for the night. Instead, Trevor goes to “straighten things out” with Nick and Jan, leaving Kate waiting up for him. By the end, Susannah and Trevor seem to reconcile, but for how long?

How we do auditions

Our auditions are all “cold reads,” meaning that no preparation is necessary. If you feel inclined to get a jump on the competition, many scripts are available at The Toledo Lucas County Public Library. Headshots and résumés are not required, however, they are always welcome. We provide a brief information sheet that you will need to complete in order to audition. So what are you waiting for?!

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