VP 1998 Cabaret


Book By: Joe Masteroff and Fred Ebb
Music and Lyrics By: John Kander and Fred Ebb
Directed By: Matt Wiederhold
Produced by special arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

The People …

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

Emcee Terry R. Watson
Clifford Bradshaw Joe Dennehey
Ernst Ludwig Derek Hansen
Fraulein Kost Jean Mills
Herr Schultz Judy Kapron
Sally Bowles Norb Mills
Miss Manley Laura A. Amico

Kit Kat Dancers and Chorus

Debbie Brescol Jackie Mierzejewski (gorilla)
Julie Bylow Ron Rothenbuhler (Train Officer)
Jake Gordy (Bobby) William T. Kusmierek
Sondra Henry Trish Stewart


Piano Tracy Glover
Woodwinds James Fantine
Percussion Jacob Dierkins
Trumpet Keith Lewis

Production Staff

Director Matt Wiederhold
Producer Judy Wiederhold
Choreographer Wes Skinner
Music Director Tracy Glover
Stage Manager Debbie Marinik, Joanne Toth
Set Design Matt Wiederhold
Lighting Design Michael McCord, Andrew Neary
Lighting Crew Dan Marinik, Larry Janney, Laura Zierolf, Tamara White, Jaramie Brescol Angela Metcalf
Costume Design Matt Wiederhold, Sondra Henry
Property Manager Bonnie Brandburg, Nancy Janney
Property Crew Joyce Calmes, John Henry, Ben Lumbrezer, Mary Close, Bill Young, Glenna Ford, Susan Miller
Set Construction Matt Wiederhold, Debbie Brescol, Wes Skinner, Judy Wiederhold
Program Chris Kasner, Don Weber
House Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Staff Joe & Carol Kwiatkowski, Lisa Jackson, Kimberly Bruggemann, Judy Wiederhold, Roger Whitmore
Program Printing Malhoit Printing
Marquee Signs Willard Misfeldt
Photography Timeless Images

The Show!

Act I Musical Numbers
1. Blank Stage Willkommen – Emcee, Chorus
2. Train Car to Berlin
3. Fraulein Schneider’s Boarding Room So What – Fraulein Schneider
4. Kit Kat Klub Don’t Tell Mama    Mein Herr – Sally, Chorus
5. Blank Stage
6. Cliff’s Room Perfectly Marvelous – Sally & Cliff
7. Blank Stage Two Ladies – Emcee, Jake, Debbie
8. Fraulein Schneider’s Living Room It Couldn’t Please Me More – Fraulein Schneider
9. Blank Stage Tomorrow Belongs to Me – Jake
10. Cliff’s Room Don’t Go – Cliff
Maybe This Time – Sally
11. Kit Kat Klub Sitting Pretty – Emcee, Girls
Money Song – Emcee, Sally
12. Fraulein Schneider’s Living Room Married – Herr Schultz, Fraulein Schneider
13. Herr Schultz’ Fruit Shop Tomorrow Belongs to Me (reprise) – Fraulein Kost, Ernst, Chorus
Act II
1. Herr Schultz’ Fruit Shop Married (reprise) – Herr Schultz, Fraulein Schneider
2. Blank Stage If You Could See Her – Emcee
3. Cliff’s Room What Would You Do? – Fraulein Schneider
I Don’t Care Much – Emcee
4. Kit Kat Klub Cabaret – Sally
5. Cliff’s Room
6. Train Car/Blank Stage Willkommen – Chorus

Director’s Note

It’s been nearly thirty years since Cabaret first burst on the musical scene, taking theater audiences by storm. Unlike many shows prior, Cabaret was fresh, controversial, raw, and exciting. It pushed what was acceptable on stage, and forced its audiences to think and come to terms with one of the most ugly periods of world history.

Cabaret is based on the semi-biographical books I am a Camera and Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood. John Kander and Fred Ebb took the themes presented in his stories and wove them into something dark and moving with their probing lyrics and hones dialogue.

Many different themes are at play in Cabaret – the real world and the make believe; social injustice; homosexuality; abortion; and the holocaust. The Emcee serves as the thread that intertwines them all, serving both as narrator and social commentator.

Tonight we present a version of Cabaret combining the original stage play, the award-winning movie, and the current Broadway revival. I hope you enjoy what you see.