VP 1999 Conversations With My Father

Conversations With My Father

Written By: Herb Gardner
Directed by: Tom Tomczak
Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

The People …

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

Charlie Tom Tomczak
Josh Wes Shook
Eddie Nate Miller
Gusta Carol Ann Erford
Zaretsky Joel Ungerleider
Joey (age 10) Isaac Weintraub
Hannah Di Blindeh Vicky Jackson
Nick John Henry
Finney the Book Rick Vaught
Jimmy Scalso Jerry Keefe
Blue Joe Kerrigan
Charlie (age 13) CJ Messigner
Joey (age 17) Ben Lumbrezer
Murray the Moose Sawz-all

Production Staff

Director Tom Tomczak
Assistant Director Shirley Lofiego Williams
Producer Matt Wiederhold, Rhea Kimball, Judy Wiederhold
Stage Managers Judy Nadrasik, Miriam Weintraub
Set Design Matt Wiederhold
Lighting Design Mike Evilsizer
Lighting Crew Jake Gordy, Dan Marinik, Matt Wiederhold, Barb Vaught
Sound Design Don Weber
Sound Crew Joann Toth, Larry Janney, Don Weber, Marc Malley
Costume Design Sondra Henry, Kate Argow
Property Manager Rhea Kimball
Property Crew Debbie Marinik, Tommy Miller, Rhea Kimball, Sondra Henry, McKenna Troyan
Property Crew Sherry Ballou, Karen Wolf, Debbie Marinik, Joyce Calms
Set Construction Matt Wiederhold, Judy Wiederhold, Michael Leonard
Program Don Weber
Publicity Matt Wiederhold
House Manager Diane Dalton
Box Office Manager Ann Veasey
Marquee Signs Willard E. Misfeldt
Photography Timeless Images
Program Printing Malhoit Printing

The Show!

Place: The Homeland Tavern-also known as Eddie Goldberg’s Golden Door Tavern, The Flamingo Lounge, and the Twin-Forties Cage-on Canal Street, near Broadway, in Lower Manhattan


Act I

Scene 1: June 25, 1976, Early Evening
Scene 2: July 4, 1936, Early Morning

Act II

Scene 1: July 3, 1944, Early Morning
Scene 2: About seven that evening
Scene 3: August 8, 1845, Early Morning
Scene 4: October 15, 1965, Early Morning
Scene 5: About Eight Weeks Later, Early Morning
Scene 6: June 25, 1976, Early Evening

Special Thanks

Architectural Artifacts-Moose head
Pumpernickel’s Deli-opening night party
Michael Leonard–transportation
The Vineyard Wine Shop-tables and chairs
Doblinger Furniture and Hardware-set dressing