VP 1999 Moon Over Buffalo

Moon Over Buffalo

Book By: Ken Ludwig
Directed by: Patricia A. Kennedy
Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

The People …

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

George Hay Don Weber
Charlotte Hay Jean Mills
Ethel Maureen O’Malley
Rosalind Angela Metcalf
Howard Nate Murphy
Eileen Susan Miller
Paul Ben Lumbrezer
Richard Richard Harrison

Production Staff

ProgramDon Weber

Director Patricia A. Kennedy
Producer Marc Malley
Stage Managers Debbie Marinik, Joanne Toth
Set Design Wes Skinner
Set Construction Wes Skinner, Jake Gordy, John Henry, Norb Mills, Ben Lumbrezer, Don Weber
Lighting Design Jill Zatko
Lighting Crew Dan Marinik, Jake Gordy
Sound Design Don Weber, Steve Zaborniak
Sound Crew Larry Janney, Wes Shook, Rick Vaught
Costume Design Sondra Henry
Costume Crew Kate Argow, Kathie Weber, John Henry
Property Manager Vicki Anderson
Property Crew Jean Brown, Ernie Brown, Cindy Murphy, Barb Vaught, Ellison Weber
House Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Manager Ann Veasey
Marquee Signs Willard E. Misfeldt
Photography Timeless Images

The Show!

Place: On Stage and backstage at the Erlanger Theatre, Buffalo, NY, 1953


Act I

Scene 1: A Mid-Morning in June

Act II

Scene 1: Two Hours Later
Scene 2: Immediately Following
Scene 3: Two Hours Later