VP 1999 Painting Churches

Painting Churches - PlayBook By: Tina Howe
Directed By: Julie Zatko
Produced By: Special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Run of Show

“Painting Churches” ran September 10 – 25, 1999 Thursday through Saturday at 8:00pm, Sunday at 2:00pm


Before selling the family home, an artistic daughter wants to capture a portrait of her aging parents one last time. What is revealed is a powerful and touching family drama that opens long hid secrets and takes a look at aging, family loyalty, and the love of parents and children.

The People …

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

Fanny Sedgwick Church Sally Malhoit
Gardner Church John Henry
Margaret Church Rhea Kimball

Production Staff

Director Julie Zatko
Assistant Director Ben Lumbrezer
Producer Matt Wiederhold
Technical Director Jake Gordy
Stage Managers Ben Lumbrezer, Debbie Marinik
Set Design K. Day
Costume Design Sondra Henry, Sarah Campbell
Lighting Design Julie Zatko
Sound Design Don Weber, Steve Zaborniak
Property Manager Nancy Janney
Set Construction Darlene Burke, Jake Gordy, Matt Wiederhold
Light Crew Jake Gordy, Dan Marinik
Sound Crew Mark Malley, Joanne Toth
Property Crew Jean Brown, Ernie Brown, Joyce Calmes, Glenna Ford, Jason Garner, James Mull, Ryan Mahaffey, Barb & Rick Vaught
Program Chris Malhoit, Jack Malhoit, Don Weber; Art & Cover Design: Rhea Kimball
House Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Ann Veasey
Program Printing Malhoit Printing
Theater Marquee Signs Willard Misfeldt
Cast Photography Bev Norman

The Show!

Place: Beacon Hill – Boston, Mass.

Time: The Present

Act I

Scene 1: A bright spring morning
Scene 2: 2 days later
Scene 3: 24 hours later

Act II

Scene 1: 3 days later
Scene 2: The last day