VP 2000 Female Odd Couple

Female Odd Couple

Female Odd Couple


Book By: Neil Simon
Directed by: Larry Farley
Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Run of Show

“Female Odd Couple” ran May 12 – 27, 2000 Thursday through Saturday at 8:00pm, Sunday at 2:00pm


Neil Simon’s famous update of this contemporary classic starts with a group of women friends playing their regular game of Trivial Pursuit. This week, the coterie is meeting at the apartment of Olive Madison, a divorcee who freely admits to being a slob. “I leave a mess when I read a book.” Late to arrive is Florence Unger, a stickler for detail who would try the patience of a saint, who had unfortunately just become separated from her husband. As life would have it, the slob and the fuss-budget decide to room together – with hilarious results.

Award Winning!OCTA Award

June 11, 2000: Jake Gordy & Don Weber for “Excellence in Duet Acting” for their portrayals of Jesus & Manolo Costazuela


The People …

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

Sylvie Kate Argow
Mickey Nancy Janney
Renee Brenda Sweeney
Vera Lynnie Heinemann
Olive Madison Jean Mills
Florence Unger Debbie Marinik
Manolo Constazuela Don Weber
Jesus Constazuela Jake Gordy

Production Staff

Director Larry Farley
Producer The Village Players Board of Directors
Set Design Matt Wiederhold
Stage Manager Larry Small, Joanne Toth
Lighting Design Scott T. Gage
Lighting Crew Dan Marinik, Scott T. Gage
Costume Design Becky Farley, Sondra Henry
Property Managers Rhea Kimball, Angela Metcalf
Property Crew Angela Gage, John Henry, Jessi Kaires, Ben Lumbrezer, Phyllis Van Hove, Barb Vaught, Ellison Weber
Set Construction Steve Mierzejewski, Matt Wiederhold
Sound Design Scott T. Gage, Don Weber
Sound Crew Marc Malley, Larry Janney
Program Don Weber
Program Art & Cover Design Jake Gordy
House Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Ann Veasey, Joe & Carol Kwiatkowski, Judy Wiederhold, Roger Whitmore, Kimberly Bruggemann, Sue Hollinger, Lisa Jackson
Program Printing Malhoit Printing
Theater Marquee Signs Willard Misfeldt
Cast Photography Bev Norman

The Show!

Place: Olive Madison’s Riverside Drive apartment.

Time: The Present

Act I: A hot summer’s night

Act II

Scene 1: Two weeks later, about 11 p.m.
Scene 2: A few days later, about 8 p.m.
Scene 3: The next evening, about 7:30 p.m.