VP 2002 Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men

Written By: John Steinbeck
Directed by: Larry Farley
Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

Run of Show

“Of Mice and Men” ran March 8-23, 2002, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00pm, Sunday at 2:00pm


A genuine classic of the American stage, Of Mice and Men is the moving character study of two Depression-era drifters whose hardscrabble lives are buoyed by dreams of buying a ranch together. Simple-minded Lennie is a powerfully-built “gentle giant” and George is his steadfast protector. Steinbeck’s tragic and timeless masterpiece is a potent affirmation of human love and loyalty.

The People …

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

Lennie Richard Furlong
George Ben Lumbrezer
Slim D. Nicholas Hansen
Candy John Henry
Curly Adam Everett Beck
Curly’s Wife Tiffany Noël Taylor
Crooks Kimm Williams
Carlson Brian G. Linthicum
Whitt Jim Pickle
The Boss Tom Davis

Production Staff

Director Larry Farley
Producer Scott T. Gage
Stage Manager Debbie Marinik & Tom Kleinert
Lighting Design Deanne Miller
Lighting Crew Will Chevailer, Kitty Devany, Chris McKnight
Costume Design Sondra Henry
Property Managers Angela Gage & Nancy Janney
Property Crew Laura Fleck, Ashley Gage, Angela Metcalf, Alex Read, Bob Smith, Nikki Wilson
Set Construction Sarah Collier, Kitty Devany , Laura Fleck, Richard Furlong, Angela Gage, Ashley Gage, Scott T. Gage, John Henry, Marissa Holt, Ben Lumbrezer, Jackie Mierzejewski, Steve Mierzejewski, Dale Moore, Paige Price, Tiffany Nöel Taylor, Billy Wright
Scenic Art Tiffany Nöel Taylor
Sound Design Don Weber
Sound Crew Sarah Collier, Billy Wright
Technical Advisor Michelle Cleland
Gunsmith Gary Cleland
Dog Trainer Nikki Shiffler
Puppy Handler Jean Davis
Program Jake Gordy
House Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Staff Kimberly Bruggeman, Sue Holliger, Carol Kwiatkowski, Roger Whitmore, Judy Wiederhold
Program Printing M&M Printing
Marquee Signs Laura Fleck
Cast Photography Mike McDermont
Special Thanks Kimm Williams
Dave & Lisa Muir
John & Lisa Beck

The Show!

Time: The Great Depression

  • Scene I:
    Set in the Great Depression and from the sandy banks of the Salinas River we meet George and Lennie, the main characters of the show. Lennie is a gentle giant of a man who is kind but slow. George, Lennie’s guardian, dreams of a better time for the both of them.
  • Scene II:
    Having spent the night under the stars, our characters arrive at a farm work camp for transients. Candy, the bunkhouse crumb bum, greets them before the farm foreman send them off to the fields for the afternoon work detail.
  • Scene III:
    Later that evening, in the bunkhouse, we meet the farmhands who are all amazed by the work Lennie can do alone. With most of the workers playing horseshoes, Lennie and the boss’ son get into a fight.
  • Scene IV
    Set in the stable where the stable hand lives, Candy and Lennie disappoint George by giving away their secret plans. Meanwhile George and the boss’ daughter-in-law get in hot water with the boss.
  • Scene V
    The boss’ daughter-in-law threatens to run away before a tragic accident drives Lennie away.
  • Scene VI
    When Lennie runs away, the other ranch hands go on a manhunt for him ending with the shocking fate of Lennie and George.