VP 2004 One Flew Over the Cuckoo

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Written By: Dale Wasserman
Based on the novel by Ken Kesey
Directed by: Larry Farley
Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Run of Show

“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” ran March 5-20, 2004, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00pm, second Sunday at 2:00pm.


This is the story of a charming rogue who contrives to serve a short sentence in an airy mental institution rather than prison. Enter Nurse Ratched and the battle begins.

“Transforms the audience into one wild cheering section. Funny, touching and exciting.”-NY Daily News

“Scarifying and powerful.”-NY Times

The People …

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

Chief Bromden John Jennens
Aide Warren Frank Venda
Aide Williams Mike Caruno
Nurse Ratched Suzanne Jennens
Nurse Flinn Amanda Cook
Dale Harding Allen Kopke
Billy Bibbit Jake Gordy
Scanlon D. Nicholas Hansen
Cheswick John Farnham Scott
Martini Rick Vaught
Ruckly Larry Janney
Randal P. McMurphy Nate Miller
Dr. Spivey Rich Harrison
Aide Turkle John Henry
Candy Starr Laura Ahrens
Sandra Megan Ray

Production Staff

Director Larry Farley
Assistant Director Debbie Marinik
Producer Deanne Miller & Bob Smith
Set Design John Henry & Larry Farley
Stage Manager Debbie Marinik & Joanne Toth
Lighting Designer Julie Zatko
Lighting Crew Kitty Devaney & Deanne Miller
Costume Crew Kim Bruggeman, Helene Kilcorse, Deanne Miller, Maureen O’Malley, Paige Price & Bob Smith
Set Construction Carl Alexander, Ted Arvanitis, John Henry,Jackie Mierzejewski, Steve Mierzejewski, Paige Price, Bob Smith, Frank Venda &Steve Wilson
Scenic Art Wes Skinner & Willard Misfeldt
Sound Design Don Weber
Sound Crew Marc Malley, Natalie Tucker & Erica Renzhofer
Program Dale Moore & Don Weber
Graphic Art Laura Ahrens
House Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Ann Veasey
Box Office Staff Kimberly Bruggemann, Darlene Hatfield, Sue Holliger, Joe & Carol Kwiatkowski, John Farnham Scott, Rita Stubinski, Roger Whitmore, Judy Wiederhold
Program Printing The Copy Center
Marquee Signs Bob Smith
Cast Photography Mike McDermott
Special Thanks Everybody’s Uniform-Parkway Plaza, Les Beland, McElheney Locksmiths, Catz Dance Academy-Parkway Plaza, Medical College of Ohio, A.A. Boos, Inc., Northwood Door, Rumpf Ambulance, Sandy’s Stuff, Bedford Twp. Housing, Van Dyne-Crotty, Ms. Ustian’s 3rd Grade Class at Highland Elementary, Sylvania

The Show!

Place: The day room in a ward of a State mental Hospital somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Time: The late 1960’s.