VP 2004 Social Security

Social Security

Written By: Andrew Bergman
Directed by: Julie Zatko
Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Run of Show

“Social Security” ran May 7-22, 2004, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00pm, second Sunday at 2:00pm


A laugh-out-loud hilarious comedy. The domestic tranquility of a married couple who are New York art dealers is shattered upon the arrival of the wife’s goody-goody nerd of a sister, her uptight CPA husband and her archetypal Jewish mother. The comic sparks really begin to fly when the mother hits it off with the elderly minimalist artist who is one of the couple’s best clients.

“The play is a hoot, and better yet, a sophisticated, even civilized hoot.”-NY Post

The People …

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

David Kahn Don Weber
Barbara Kahn Dana Pilrose
Trudy Heyman Lynnie Heinemann
Martin Heyman Marc Malley
Sophie Greengrass Jean Mills
Maurice Koenig John Henry

Production Staff

Director Julie Zatko
Producers Jake Gordy & Judy Wiederhold
Set Design Jamey Livingston
Stage Manager Laura Ahrens & Debbie Marinik
Lighting Designer Deanne Miller
Ligiting Crew Laura Ahrens & Debbie Marinik
Costume Design Kate Argow
Costume Crew Judy Wiederhold & cast
Property Masters Frank Venda
Property Crew Sharon Vaughn & Ellison Weber
Set Construction Laura Ahrens, Ted Arvanitis & his students from the Lucas County ALC, Jake Gordy, John Henry, Jamey Livingston, Wes Skinner, Bob Smith, Sam Squillace, Judy Weiderhold
Scenic Art Laura Ahrens, Jake Gordy & Wes Skinner
Sound Design Don Weber
Sound Crew Bo Durham, Larry Janney & Rachel Wengrow
Program Don Weber
Program Art & Cover Design Laura Ahrens
House Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Ann Veasey
Box Office Staff Kimberly Bruggemann, Darlene Hatfield, Sue Holliger, Joe & Carol Kwiatkowski, John Farnham Scott, Rita Stubinski, Roger Whitmore, Judy Wiederhold
Program Printing The Copy Center
Marquee Signs Bob Smith
Cast Photography Mike McDermott
Special Thanks Nancy Davis  – Sophie’s Portrait, Honey I’m Home, Jamieson’s Stereo, Joseph’s Beverage Center, Lucas County ALC, Sandy’s Stuff

The Show!

Place: Kahn Apartment on the East Side of Manhattan

Time: 1998

Act I

Act II

Scene 1: Two weeks later
Scene 2: Sunday afternoon, one week later