VP 2005 Monky Business

Monky Business

Book By: Todd Mueller and Hank Boland
Music and lyrics By: Gregg Opelka
Directed by: Wes Skinner
Produced by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing

Run of Show

“Monky Business” ran September 9 – 24, 2005.


The fun-loving monks of Saint Bernard’s monastery are in a jam. Either they raise $250,000 by midnight or lose their monastery to a real-estate developer with plans to turn it into Bernie’s Casino Royale. “Monks, mayhem and merriment… the musical comedy Monkey Business is no-holds barred fun.”


The Program for this show can be viewed by clicking Monky Business. (pdf) (Requires Adobe Reader)

The People …

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

Abbot Costello Ben Lumbrezer
Brother Brooks David R. Dysard
Brother Clarence Matt Richardson
Brother Forte Jeffrey Thomas King
Brother Lee Love Paul Soska

Program Staff

Director Wes Skinner
Producer Jean Mills
Choreographers Sara Ledzianowski, Jackie Mierzejewski & Wes Skinner
Musical Director/Piano Debbie Wlodarski
Bass Brenda Waters
Violin Sara Kautz
Drums Ray Mercurio
Set Design Wes Skinner
Stage Manager Thereasa Lumbrezer
Lighting Designer Dan Finkel
Lighting Crew Kristin Endriss, Rebekah Erford, Debbie Marinik, Haley Matuszynski & Julie Zatko
Costume Design Sondra Henry
Property Crew Leslie Lake, Maureen O’Malley, & Diana West
Sound Design Don Weber
Sound Crew Marc Malley & Norb Mills
Set Construction Steve Mierzejewski, Norb Mills & Bob Smith
Scenic Art Brad Riker
Program Laura Ahrens, Jake Gordy & Frank Venda
Program Art & Cover Design Laura Ahrens
House Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Ann Veasey
Box Office Staff Kimberly Bruggemann, Sandy Fry, Darlene Hatfield, Sue Holliger, Joe Kwiatkowski, John Farnham Scott, Rita Stobinski, Roger Whitmore & Judy Wiederhold
Program Printing The Copy Center
Marquee Signs
Cast Photography Frank Venda
Special Thanks David Hahn, The Children’s Theatre Workshop

The Show!

Act I

Monky Business – Company
The Mohair Rag – Company
Merry Monastery – Costello, Lee Love, Brooks
Satan’s Place – Clarence
Long Distance Calling – Brooks
The David and Forte Show – Company
Be Kind to Your Brother – Company
God Loves a Cheerful Giver – Company

Act II

The Miracle Monk – Forte
That Good Guy – Clarence, Satan
Celibacy – Lee Love
The Greatest Book on Earth – Company
People Believed – Costello
My Brother’s Keeper – Company
Satan’s Place (reprise) – Clarence
Heavenly Reward – Company except Clarence
My Brother’s Keeper (reprise) – Company