VP 2006 GI Jukebox

G.I. Jukebox

Written By: Rick Lewis
Directed by: Wes Skinner
Produced by special arrangement with Select Entertainment Productions

Run of Show

“G.I. Jukebox” ran September 15 – 30, 2006.

G.I. Jukebox PlaySynopsis

During WWII, Hollywood stars and starlets made it their duty to entertain “the boys.” G.I. JUKEBOX is a night at the Stage Door Canteen. The cast sings some of the best music of the twentieth century, mostly in four-part harmony. Act 1 is set in uniform khaki, while Act 2 brings out the tuxedos and gowns. The musical numbers span big band, swing and Latin – it’s a musical retrospective of an America we’ll never see again!


The Program for this show can be viewed by clicking G.I. Jukebox. (pdf) (Requires Adobe Reader)

The People …

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

Clark Sable David Dysard
Lorna Mae Truesdale Megan Ray

Program Staff

Director Wes Skinner
Musical Director Debbie Wlodarski
Producer Jean Mills
Choreographers Wes Skinner
Musical Director/Piano Debbie Wlodarski
Bass Brenda Waters
Drums Ray Mercurio
Set Design Wes Skinner
Stage Manager Sue Dessner & Jeff Mills
Lighting Designer Dan Finkle
Lighting Crew
Costume Design Carol Venda
Property Crew Sue Dennis
Sound Design Don Weber
Sound Crew Marc Malley & Norb Mills
Set Construction Brad Ray & Wes Skinner
Scenic Art Laura Ahrens, Megan Ray & Brad Riker
Set Decoration Brad Riker
Program Laura Ahrens, Jake Gordy & Frank Venda
Program Art & Cover Design H.O.T. Graphics
House Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Ann Veasey
Box Office Staff Kimberley Bruggemann, Sandy Fry, Darlene Hatfield, Barbara Heindel, Sue Holliger, Carol Hojnacki, Rita Konecki, Debbie Krieger, Diane Nowakowski, Jinny Patterson, & Judy Wiederhold
Program Printing The Copy Center
Marquee Signs Larry Janney & Norb Mills
Theatre Photographer Frank Venda
Special Thanks Container Graphics

The Show!

Act I:

Jukebox Saturday Night – All
Opus One – All
G. I. Medley – Carey & Clark
They’re Either Too Young or Too Old – Lorna Mae
Don’t Fence Me In – Carey & the “Henderson Sisters”
Henderson Sisters Medley – “Henderson Sisters”
Why Do They Call a Private a Private? – Millie
Serenade in Blue – Clark
Blue Champagne – Lorna Mae
Saturday Night Is the Loneliest Night Of the Week – Millie
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore – Carey
Moonlight Medley – All

Act II:

Cocktails for Two – All
In the Mood – All
Great 48 Medley – All
Nonsense Medley – All
Dream Medley – All
I’ll Be Seeing You – All
This Is My Country/God Bless America – All..