VP 2007 A Year with Frog and Toad

A Year with Frog and Toad

Book and Lyrics By: Willie Reale
Music By: Robert Reale
Directed By: Paul Palmisano & Tom Wagner
Based on the books by Arnold Lobel
Produced by special arrangement with Music Theatre International

Run of Show

“A Year With Frog and Toad” ran November 2 – 17, 2007, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00pm, second Sunday at 2:00pm.

** We have added two special Saturday Children’s Matinees at 2:00 PM on Saturday, November 10th and Saturday, November 17th. These matinees will be “festival seating” but tickets can (and should be) reserved in advance.

A Year with Frog and ToadSynopsis

Tried and true friends Frog and Toad navigate through an adventure-filled year, joined by some colorful companions along the way. Set to a jazzy score, this Tony nominated family musical lovingly captures the spirit of this unlikely friendship as it blossoms and grows.


The Program for this show can be viewed by clicking Frog and Toad (pdf) (Requires Adobe Reader)

The People …

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

Frog Jim Latimer
Toad Don Weber
Lady Bird 1, Mouse, Squirrel 1, Young Frog, Mole 1 Mary Wagner
Lady Bird 2, Turtle, Squirrel 2, Mother Frog, Mole 2 Pam Kelso
Bird, Snail, Lizard, Father Frog, Large & Terrible Frog, Mole 3 Jeff King

Program Staff

Directors Paul Palmisano & Tom Wagner
Producers Don Weber & Kathie Weber
Choreographer Carol Mahn
Piano Christine Ehinger
Guitar, Banjo Marty Brogan
Bass Joe Kelso
Percussion Larry Hays
Set Design Wes Skinner
Stage Manager Debbie Marinik
Assistant Stage Manager Tom Wagner & Marcia Weisenburger
Lighting Design Andrew Todd
Lighting Crew Andrew Black, Adam Duckworth, Debbie Marinik, & Jeff Mills
Costume Design Pam Kelso & Kathie Weber
Costume Crew Paula Hayes, Pam Kelso, Diane Porturalski, Judy Scharrren, Loretta Skowronek, Brenda Sweeney, & Kathie Weber
Dressers Kate Argow, Brenda Sweeney, & Joanne Toth
Prop Gatherer Sue Dennis
Prop Crew Ernie Brown, Jean Brown, Joyce Calmes, Glenna Ford, Pam Kelso, Ellison Weber, & Brian Weisenburger
Sound Design Don Weber
Sound Crew Marc Malley & Paige Price
Stage Crew Rich Chesko, Chris Hall, & Bob Smith
Set Construction Andrew Black, Rich Chesko,John Henry, Steve Mierzejewski, Bob Smith, Tom Wagner, & Don Weber
Set Dressing Jean Davis
Scenic Art Ruth Greenburg, Heather Kelso, Joe Kelso, Mike Kelso,
 Pam Kelso, Judson Lohman, & Wes Skinner
Publicity Pam Kelso & Kathie Weber
Program Jake Gordy, Laura Hansen, Pam Kelso, & Frank Venda
Program Art & Cover Design H.O.T. Graphics
House Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Ann Veasey
Box Office Staff Kimberley Bruggemann, Sandy Fry, Darlene Hatfield, Barbara Heindel, Sue Holliger, Carol Hojnacki, Rita Konecki, Debbie Krieger, Diane Nowakowski, Jinny Patterson, & Judy Wiederhold
Program Printing The Copy Center
Marquee Signs Larry Janney & Norb Mills
Cast Photography Frank Venda
Special Thanks Children’s Theatre Workshop, Cintas Corporation – The Uniform People, Jule Horn – Theater Vision, Lourdes College, Bob & Pam Kelso, Paul & Jean Palmisano, Ruth Stasiak, Don & Kathie Weber, Perry Woodworth

The Show!

Act I:

Opening – Three Birds
A Year with Frog and Toad – Three Birds, Frog, Toad
Spring – Frog, Toad, Three Birds
Seeds – Toad
The Letter – Snail
Getta Loada Toad – Turtle, Mouse, Lizard, Frog
Underwater Ballet – Turtle
Alone – Frog
The Letter #2 – Snail
Cookies – Frog, Toad, Three Birds

Act II:

Entr’Acte – Orchestra
The Kite – Frog, Toad, Three Birds
Leaves: A Year with Frog & Toad Reprise – Three Birds
He’ll Never Know – Frog, Toad
Shivers – Father Frog, Mother Frog, Young Frog,
Large & Terrible Frog, Frog, Toad
Snow Ballet – Snail
The Letter #3 – Snail
Down the Hill – Frog, Toad, Moles
Snow Ballet #2 (Alone reprise) – Moles
I’m Coming Out of My Shell – Snail
Toad To The Rescue – Toad, Moles
Merry Almost Christmas – Frog, Toad, Moles
Finale: A Year with Frog & Toad – Three Birds, Frog, Toad