VP 2014 Queen of Bingo

Queen of Bingo

Written By: Jeanne Michels and Phyllis Murphy
Directed by: Jake Gordy
Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

Run of Show

Queen of Bingo ran January 10-25, 2014, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00pm

Queen of Bingo PlaySynopsis

Where can two sisters on the other side of fifty, who want to add a little zest, fun and excitement to their lives, find it? Bingo! On any Bingo night at St. Joseph’s, you can find Father Mac, Lonnie and Cindy Conklin, Marge Meranski, Coach Anderson, and the many off beat, colorful regulars we meet through the eyes of Sis and Babe. They dish the dirt, giggle like school girls and share old memories. Sis and Babe are sisters and best friends. They’ve been coming to play Bingo together for years because they love it. Sis is a good loser who just loves to play. Babe is a player who has always got to win. Sis is naturally fit and trim. Babe is naturally overweight and always fighting the battle of the bulge. Sis is content in her widowhood. Babe is still looking for love. They compliment each other in ways only sisters can and they drive each other crazy in that same sisterly fashion. On this particular night, Babe and Sis share something new as they each confesses a secret and finds a special kind of redemption.

Originally produced in Chicago’s Buckingham Theatre, which was transformed into a bingo hall, and where a real Bingo game during intermission captured the audience, of which one member won the prize turkey. “If there’s anything more Catholic than nuns, it’s bingo…THE QUEEN OF BINGO explores the phenomenon…in surprising depth…a ninety-minute charmer.” —Chicago Reader.

“…a terrific group outing and is suitable for the entire family…” —Gay Chicago Magazine.

“Bingo is about winning and THE QUEEN OF BINGO is a jackpot of a show” —Bingo Bugle.

“…hilarious comedy.” —Columbia Chronicle.


The Program for this show can be viewed by clicking Queen of Bingo. (Requires Adobe Reader)

The People …

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

Babe Nancy Janney
Sis Pam Kelso
Father Mac / Caller Eric Simpson

Program Staff

Director Jake Gordy
Producer Christopher Jagodzinski
Stage Manager Debbie Marinik
Lighting Designer Kitty Devany
Lighting Assistant James Vitale
Lighting Crew Debbie Marinik
Sound Design Derek Hansen
Sound Crew Allen Wilkinson
Costume Design Christopher Jagodzinski
Props Gatherer Christopher Jagodzinski
Set Design Jake Gordy & Christopher Jagodzinski
Set Construction Christopher Jagodzinski
Painters & Dutchers Christopher Jagodzinski
Program Jake Gordy
Program Art & Cover Design Christopher Jagodzinski
House Manager Ann Veasey
Box Office Ann Veasey
Box Office Assistant Kimberley Bruggemann, Pam Engle, Dan Finkel, Sandy Fry, Jake Gordy, Darlene Hatfield, Sue Holliger, Patty Hoover, Christopher Jagodzinski, Debbie Marinik, Jean Mills, Susan Rice, & Sara Speelman
Program Printing AIM Specialists
Marquee Signs Jake Gordy & Christopher Jagodzinski
Theatre Photographer Frank Venda
Special Thanks Kate Argow, Kari Kapszukiewicz, Marilee & Donna Motto, Monroe Street Diner

The Show!

Place: Saint Joseph’s Catholic School Auditorium (and bingo hall)

Time: Present