VP 2016 An Empty Plate in the Café du Grand Boeuf


An Empty Plate in the Café du Grand Boeuf ran November 4 – 13, 2016

Antoine is a brand new waiter at the most luxurious restaurant in Paris. Claude, the head waiter, is trying to train him and starts with “We have everything!” Mimi waits tables in the hopes that Claude will remember the passion they once had. And Gaston, the maniacal master chef, just wants to cook. All are waiting for the arrival of Monsieur Victor, the restaurant’s owner, and sole patron. Upon his arrival he is disheveled, morose, just home from the bullfights in Madrid, and his only wish is to die of starvation. After much pleading from the staff, Victor concedes to a final meal with the proviso that he is not served one morsel of food, but a “feast of adjectives and adverbs.” What follows is a repast celebrating the joys of cooking, sex, bullfighting and the collected works of Ernest Hemingway.

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The Cast

John DuVall
Evan James Copeland
Liane Golightly
Andrew Wobser
Jon Masters
Miss Berger
Thea Grabiec

The Crew

Barbara Barkan
Chris Jagodzinski
Assistant Producer:
Bonnie Brandburg
Stage Manager:
Debbie Marinik
Lighting Design:
David Nelms
Lighting Crew:
Debbie Marinik
Sound Designer:
Patrick Drummond
Sound Crew:
Jessica Homer
Props Gatherer:
Chris Jagodzinski
Costume Design:
Chris Jagodzinski & Kate Juhasz
Set Designer:
Chris Jagodzinski
Set Builder:
Jake Gordy & Chris Jagodzinski
Set Painters:
Chris Jagodzinski
Set Dressers:
Chris Jagodzinski
House Managers:
Jake Gordy & Chris Jagodzinski
Box Office Manager:
Jake Gordy
Box Office, Lobby, & Usher Staff:
Marie Adkins, Carol Ann Allen, Les & Melissa Beland, Gary Blanchard, Sandy Blanchard, Bonnie Brandburg, Judy Breese, Deb Brescol, Janet Butterfield, Evan James Copeland, Connie Darling, Nancy de la Garza, Richard & Lilianne Dockett, Pam Engle, Beth Harp, Darlene Hatfield, Helene Kilcourse, Marilyn Kline, Debbie Krieger, Garry & Marcia Kudlinski, Denise McHue, Jean Mills, Ruth Moeller, Jason Neymeiyer, Sam & Darlene Partin, Rick & Jane Bihn Perse, Gary Peters, Dean Redfield, Jon & Tamara Riggs, Lorenzo Salazar, Lydia Schafer, Vickie Serr, Cheryl Shinover, Harry Shulman, Suzette Skowronski, Bob & Marian Smith, Paul Soska, Dr. Rick Szczygielski, Diana West, & Laura Zelenka
Chris Jagodzinski
Jake Gordy
Program Art & Cover Design:
Chris Jagodzinski
Production Logo:
Chris Jagodzinski
Program Printing:
AIM Specialists
Marquee Sign:
Jake Gordy & Chris Jagodzinski

The Biographies

The Director

Barbara Barkan (Director) This is Barbara’s sixth season directing for The Village Players. The experiences have been artistically rewarding and creatively challenging replies Barbara; from French farce (School for Husbands and The Liar), to period drama (The Heiress), to risk taking contemporary (Circle Mirror Transformation), to directing her daughter Thea in Born Yesterday. Barbara also acts, directs, and is a founding member of ACT / Actors Collaborative Toledo. She was last seen on stage at The Village in Steel Magnolias in the role of Clairee. To the cast of An Empty Plate in The Café du Grand Boeuf – Casser la jambe, et merci beaucoup. To our audience tonight – profitez du spectacle. And to Thea – vous aime beaucoup.

The Stage Manager

Debbie Marinik (Stage Manager) is very happy to work alongside director Barbara Barkan as stage manager of An Empty Plate in the Café du Grand Boeuf. A Village Players veteran, Debbie has been spending a lot of time lately stage managing and running lights for many productions. Debbie is also a member of the board of directors, as well as the season selection committee.

The Cast

John DuVall (Victor) is a very happy man. You may recognize him as Vanya in the recent production of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, and is ecstatic to be back on stage for Empty Plate. “Although doing back-to-back shows can be challenging and exhausting, it is worth it! I get to work with two of my favorite directors, in two wonderful roles, with fun and talented actors—what could be better?” John also directed the ACT production of The Book of Liz, a hysterical reading by David and Amy Sedaris. None of this could happen without the undying support of his husband, Jeff. Bon Appetit!
Evan James Copeland (Claude) is fou de joie to be in the superb cast of An Empty Plate in The Café du Grand Boeuf! Last season, Copeland celebrated his Village-directorial debut with Nicky Silver’s The Lyons. Copeland is known for his roles as Morris Kaden in As Bees In Honey Drown and Cliton in The Liar at The Village, and with the Orange County Players as Curly in Oklahoma!, Jeffery in Godspell, and Mr. Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors. Copeland’s hobbies include crafting superheroes, aspiring toward TV chefdom (think a male Julia Child), correcting grammar, and drunkenly agreeing to officiate the wedding of deux bons amis! Copeland and his incredible partner, Kristopher, call the Old West End home. Might I suggest the crème brûlée?
Liane Golightly (Mimi) is excited to be returning to The Village Players stage. Liane made her debut in Toledo this past March at The Village Players in The Lyons. Favorite past roles include Lizzie Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, Ado Annie in Oklahoma!, Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Celia in As You Like It, and Erzulie in Once on this Island. Liane is a former Philadelphia high school teacher and currently loves working with exchange students from Thailand, Germany, and Turkey. Go (as her former students call her) resides in Monroe, MI with her fabulous and bossy puggle, Bella
Andrew Wobser (Gaston) is thrilled to re-enter the world of theatre in An Empty Plate in the Café du Grand Boeuf. Andrew participated in theatre at Whitmer High School, with roles in fall plays, spring musicals, and student-run productions, his most proud of which was playing Fagin in Oliver! during his senior year. Outside of theatre, Andrew has been working as a case manager in an outpatient drug treatment facility while preparing to enter law school within the next year. While his character, Gaston, may not be the same Gaston as the one in Beauty and the Beast, he can certainly do amazing things with four to five dozen eggs. Andrew hopes to cook up some magic and hopes the show meets your chef-spectations.
Jon Masters (Antoine) has performed in the Toledo area over the past seven years and he is thrilled to be in another production at The Village. His most recent performances include And Then There Were None, Tartuffe, Mourner’s Bench, The Lion in Winter, and The Hound of the Baskervilles. When he isn’t on stage, he loves working on his YouTube channel, “Unlimited Continues”. He also enjoys vocal recording, writing, the world of film and video games, and going on the occasional adventure! He is so glad he has been part of this terrific show and working with such an amazing cast and crew! It has been a fantastic and he is exceedingly thankful to his friends and family.
Thea Grabiec (Miss Berger) is so excited to be returning to The Village stage! You last saw her as Billie in Born Yesterday. Since then, she has been living in California working as an Actress and a Boom Operator. She has been blessed to not only work with, but get to know some big names in TV and film. Thea plans to head back to LA after the new year but is going to hang around Toledo for a while spending time with friends, family and enjoying seasons again! She would like to thank Barbara … well, her Mom, for yet another beautiful opportunity and experience. Thea is SAG and IATSE eligible. IMDb page: Thea Grabiec