VP 2017 Pvt. Wars

PvtWars2017logoPvt. Wars

Pvt. Wars will run October 7, 2017
All tickets are general admission: $15, $20 at the door
Performance dates and times are listed on our calendar.

First presented in 2001, The Village Players is bringing back one of their most memorable shows with its original cast for one night only.

Starring Jake Gordy, Derek Hansen, and John Jennens

Dealing with three Vietnam veterans who are recuperating in an Army hospital, PVT. WARS combines humor and compassion with uncompromising honesty as it follows the irreverent doings of its exceptionally engaging characters. Comprised of a series of brief blackout scenes, the play blends these into a meaningful mosaic as the three tease, torment, entertain, exasperate and, on occasion, solace each other, maintaining throughout a hilarity which belies their deep concern about the uncertainties of the civilian world to which they will soon be returning.

The Cast

Woodruff Gately
Jake Gordy
Derek Hansen
John Jennens

The Crew


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