VPAD 2014 As Bees in Honey Drown

As Bees in Honey Drown

As Bees in Honey Drown ran October 3-4, 2014

Tickets for Village After Dark productions are available only day-of-show at the box office. There are no online, or phone pre-sales. Seating is general admission, and all tickets are $10.

The Village After Dark productions are “concert readings.” (See: Reader’s Theatre) This means that there is limited staging, and technical aspects to the performance. The actors will have their scripts in-hand, and will present the show in its most raw and true form.

As Bees in Honey Drown

Evan Wyler is the toast of New York with the release of his debut novel. A twenty-something wunderkind who is riding his wave of success. Enter Alexa Vere de Vere. Eccentric, mysterious, connected, and eager for Evan to write the screenplay of her life. Leading him around, like a puppy on a leash, dropping delicious anecdotes and quips, Evan finds himself falling for her despite the fact that he’s gay. Once he is completely smitten, Alexa vanishes. In his quest to find her, he discovers her previous proteges, and the many strings into which he’s unwittingly become entangled. Is all that glitters truly gold, or simply a flash in the pan?

  • Written By: Douglas Carter Beane
  • Directed by: Jake Gordy
  • Assistant Director: Chris Jagodzinski
  • Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

You may view the full program by clicking here.

The Cast

Alexa Vere De Vere
Kate Abu-Absi
Evan Wyler
Landon Tavernier
Kaden, Photographer, Swen, Royalton Clerk
Evan James Copeland
Ronald, Skunk, Mike
Derek Hansen
Amber, Backup Singer, Secretary, Bethany, Ginny, A Second Muse
Laura Crawford
Waiter, Backup Singer, Carla, Newsstand Woman, Denise, Illya, A Muse
Luna Knight

The Crew

Jake Gordy
Assistant Director:
Chris Jagodzinski
Chris Jagodzinski
Stage Manager:
Chris Jagodzinski
Lighting Design:
Jake Gordy
Lighting Crew:
Zac Gilley
Sound Designer:
Derek Hansen
Sound Crew:
Tommy Trease
Costume Designer:
Cast & Crew
Set Designer:
Jake Gordy
House Manager:
Ann Veasey
Box Office Manager:
Ann Veasey
Box Office, Lobby, & Usher Staff:
The Board of Directors
Chris Jagodzinski
Jake Gordy
Program Art & Cover Design:
Christopher Jagodzinski
Production Logo:
Christopher Jagodzinski
Program Printing:
AIM Specialists
Marquee Sign:
Jake Gordy & Christopher Jagodzinski

The Show

Act I
Scene 1: A photographer’s studio
Scene 2: The Hotel Paramount
Scene 3: The men’s changing room, Sacks
Scene 4: Wyler’s composition book / Various
Scene 5: The Staten Island Ferry boat
Scene 6: A bedroom at the Hotel Royalton
Scene 7: A newsstand
Scene 8: A pay phone

Act II
Scene 1: A glamorous dinery, to be sure
Scene 2: Morris Kaden’s office / Various
Scene 3: The telephone
Scene 4: Mike’s loft
Scene 5: A photographer’s studio
Scene 6: Evan’s apartment
Scene 7: The Four Seasons
Scene 8: Mike’s loft
Scene 9: Deus ex machina

The Biographies

The Director

VPAD 2014 Bees - Jake Gordy
Jake Gordy (Director) is honored to be directing the inaugural production of The Village After Dark concert reading series. He first saw and loved As Bees in Honey Drown in the 1990’s in New York. He is grateful to have had such talented actors for a cast, and an amazing crew. This is the second show that Jake has directed, after his debut of last season’s Queen of Bingo. “Chris, I couldn’t do all of this without you. Thanks to everyone who helped bring Bees to The Village. I couldn’t be happier.”

VPAD 2014 Bees - Chris Jagodzinski
Chris Jagodzinski (Assistant Director) is thrilled to be making his Assistant Directorial debut here at The Village Players Theatre. If you have been to shows in the past, you have seen Chris running around the theatre making last minute preparations, working raffles, the box office, and giving curtain speeches. Chris wishes to thank his partner, Jake Gordy, for all of his expertise, and guidance, and assistance with the numerous of projects he has undertaken at the theatre, and for being the person who makes him smile just by walking into the room. To the cast, and crew, thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and the laughs. This will be a hard show to top. Break a Leg!

The Cast

VPAD 2014 Bees - Kate Abu-Absi
Kate Abu-Absi (Alexa Vere De Vere) is thrilled to be back on The Village Players’ stage & sharing it with such talented young actors. Her most recent role was that of Amanda in the Toledo Rep’s Glass Menagerie. She is the director of the Arts Living Learning Community at the University of Toledo & the very proud mother of Isabel & Tom.

VPAD 2014 Bees - Landon Tavernier
Landon Tavernier (Evan Wyler) Although this marks his debut performance at The Village, Landon Curtis Tavernier, a NW Ohio native, is no stranger to the stage or acting; in the past year alone Landon performed in the World Premier of American Salvage at the Owens Performing Arts Center, Light Eyes; an independent film showcased at the Maumee Indoor Theatre and was one of few chosen to read for the male lead in the new Star Wars film-although not selected (this time) quite an honor. Landon is following in the footsteps of his mother who also performed at The Village when he was a wee tot although she would proudly boast “not following but running past!”

VPAD 2014 Bees - Evan James Copeland
Evan James Copeland (Kaden, Photographer, Swen, Royalton Clerk) is excited to be participating in The Village After Dark’s debut performance! He was overjoyed to play Cliton in The Liar last season at The Village, and had the pleasure of eight seasons with the Orange County Players in Southern Indiana. Recent credits include Curly in Oklahoma!, Doody in Grease, Jeffery in Godspell, and Mister Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors. He has a BS from the University of Evansville. He and his incredible fiancé, Kristopher, call the Old West End home. He would like to thank all the talent involved for this experience.

VPAD 2014 Bees - D Nicholas Hansen
Derek Hansen (Ronald, Skunk, Mike) For over 17 years, Derek has acted, directed and produces numerous shows around Northwest Ohio. At The Village, his favorite acting roles include Owen in The Melville Boys, Rudy in Wrong for Each Other, and Silvio in Pvt. Wars. His accomplishments include receiving three acting awards from the Ohio Community Theater Association, assistant directing the independent film In the Company of Strangers, being a member of Toledo’s Improv comedy troupe, the Around the Bend Players and receiving a BA in Theatre from the University of Toledo. Derek would like to thank his wife, Laura, for her love and support.

VPAD 2014 Bees - Laura Crawford
Laura Crawford (Amber, Backup Singer, Secretary, Bethany, Ginny, A Second Muse) first joined The Village Players community in 2008 as prop crew and curtain securer during Let’s Murder Marsha. Since then, she has volunteered in several capacities, both onstage (Adrift In Macao, [Title Of Show], Collected Stories), and off (prop crew, sound design, assistant director). She is proud to be a part of the inaugural run of The Village After Dark.

VPAD 2014 Bees - Luna Knight
Dawne ‘Luna’ Garrett (Waiter, Backup Singer, Carla, Newsstand Woman, Denise, Illya, A Muse) is excited to be making her Toledo acting debut at The Village Players! Being onstage or behind it, Dawne is no stranger having done Tech, Production Stage Managing, and Acting in Massachusetts, Maine, and NYC. Some of her favorite shows she has performed in have been No Exit, Into the Woods, and Hurt So Good. She would like to thank her theater family for making performing again worthwhile and lots of love to her partner in crime Zac Gilley whose love and encouragement has made so much of this possible. Here’s to more seasons together!