VPAD 2015 The Lyons

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The Lyons will run April 1 & 2, 2016

Tickets for Village After Dark productions are general admission, and all tickets are $10.

The Village After Dark productions are “concert readings.” (See: Reader’s Theatre) This means that there is limited staging, and technical aspects to the performance. The actors will have their scripts in-hand, and will present the show in its most raw and true form.

Ben Lyons is dying. Rita, his wife of forty years, is planning a living room make-over. Lisa and Curtis, their children, have come to say goodbye. Rather than somber resignation, and tearful farewells, the Lyons opt for airing dirty laundry and sniping. Between the waves of laughter at the absurd behavior, we may ultimately find ourselves staring into the bleak mirror of our own truth.

  • Written By: Nicky Silver
  • Directed by: Evan James Copeland
  • Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

You may view the full program by clicking here.

The Cast

Kate Argow
John Jennens
Aimee Reid
Derek Hansen
Liane Golightly
Jake Gordy

The Crew

Evan James Copeland
Chris Jagodzinski
Stage Manager:
Laura Hansen
Lighting Design:
Jake Gordy
Lighting Crew:
Laura Hansen
Sound Designer:
Laura Crawford
Sound Crew:
Laura Crawford
Props Gatherer:
Chris Jagodzinski
Set Designer:
Evan James Copeland
Set Dressers:
Chris Jagodzinski
Scenic Art:
Laura Hansen
House Manager:
Evan James Copeland
Box Office Manager:
Jake Gordy
Box Office, Lobby, & Usher Staff:
Marie Adkins, Carol Ann Allen, Les & Melissa Beland, Gary Blanchard, Sandy Blanchard, Bonnie Brandburg, Judy Breese, Deb Brescol, Janet Butterfield, Evan James Copeland, Connie Darling, Nancy de la Garza, Richard & Lilianne Dockett, Pam Engle, Sarah Hammye, Beth Harp, Darlene Hatfield, Helene Kilcourse, Marilyn Kline, Debbie Krieger, Garry & Marcia Kudlinski, Denise McHue, Jean Mills, Ruth Moeller, Jaymes Mull, Jason Neymeiyer, Sam & Darlene Partin, Rick & Jane Bihn Perse, Gary Peters, Dean Redfield, Jon & Tamara Riggs, Lorenzo Salazar, Vickie Serr, Cheryl Shinover, Harry Shulman, Suzette Skowronski, Bob & Marian Smith, Paul Soska, Dr. Rick Szczygielski, Diana West, & Laura Zelenka
Chris Jagodzinski
Jake Gordy
Program Art & Cover Design:
Chris Jagodzinski
Production Logo:
Chris Jagodzinski
Program Printing:
AIM Specialists
Marquee Sign:
Jake Gordy & Chris Jagodzinski

The Biographies

The Director

VPAD 2015 Lyons - Evan James Copeland
Evan James Copeland (Director) is thrilled to be directing his first show at The Village! Evan has been with The Village for three years where he serves on the Board of Directors, and prior to that, had the pleasure of eight seasons with the Orange County Players in Southern Indiana. Recent credits include Colonel Mustard in Clue, Morris Kaden in As Bees in Honey Drown, Cliton in The Liar, Curly in Oklahoma!, “We Beseech Thee” in Godspell, and Mister Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors. He has a BS from the University of Evansville. He would like to thank his husband, Kristopher, for being an amazing theatre spouse. To the cast and crew, you all have made this experience amazing! “What about a Marrakech theme?”
VPAD 2015 Lyons - Laura Hansen
Laura Hansen () Getting involved in theatre is sometimes called the “theatre bug”. Laura caught the virus from her best buddy and partner in crime, Jake Gordy. Since 1998 the infection has persisted. Various symptoms include: hundreds of stories, dozens of dear friends, more than a few large bar tabs, multiple job titles (President, VP of PR, Secretary, Producer, Stage Manager, Actor, and Scenic Artist), and the most notable symptom a wonderful husband, Derek Hansen. When Laura needs to be an adult she pretends to be Team Leader for Business Intelligence and Customer Relations Systems.

The Cast

VPAD 2015 Lyons - Kate Argow
Kate Argow (Rita) has acting experience ranging from Shakespeare to Gurney and from Restoration Comedy to musical comedy. Behind the scenes, Kate has directed and done costumes, props, lights, stage managed, prompted etc. Her last venture at The Village was directing Lion in Winter.
VPAD 2015 Lyons - John Jennens
John Jennens (Ben) returns to The Village stage after a lengthy hiatus, much of which was spent sharpening his curmudgeon skills. A few of John’s favorite roles at The Village include Mitch Albom in Tuesdays with Morrie, Skip Hampton in both The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia and Luann Hampton Laverty Oberlander, and The Chief in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. John is just happy to be performing in a play with a short title.
VPAD 2015 Lyons - Aimee Reid
Aimee Reid (Lisa) is excited but a little daunted to be returning to the stage as a performer, after an eight year hiatus from acting. She’s spent much of that time on the other side of the stage, serving as the Executive Artistic Director of the Children’s Theatre Workshop—directing plays and teaching theatre classes with young people. She is also an instructor at Bowling Green State University, teaching theatre for youth and arts management. In her free time, she likes to shamelessly post photos and amusing anecdotes about her husband and daughter on social media. Many thanks to the good folks at The Village Players for giving her a chance to dip her theatrical toes into the murky waters of acting!
VPAD 2015 Lyons - D Nicholas Hansen
Derek Hansen (Curtis) For over 18 years, Derek has acted, directed and produced numerous shows around Northwest Ohio. At The Village, his favorite acting roles include Owen in The Melville Boys, Rudy in Wrong for Each Other, and Silvio in Pvt. Wars. His accomplishments include receiving three acting awards from the Ohio Community Theater Association, assistant directing the independent film In the Company of Strangers, being a member of Toledo’s Improv comedy troupe, the Around the Bend Players and receiving a BA in Theatre from the University of Toledo. Derek would like to thank his wife, Laura, for her love and support
VPAD 2015 Lyons - Liane Golightly
Liane Golightly (Nurse) is thrilled to make her debut with The Village Players. Favorite past roles include Lizzie Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, Ado Annie in Oklahoma, Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Celia in As You Like It, and Erzulie in Once on this Island. Liane is a former Philadelphia high school teacher and currently loves working with exchange students from Thailand, Germany, and Turkey. Go (as her former students call her) resides in Monroe, MI with her fabulous and bossy puggle, Bella.
VPAD 2015 Lyons - Jake Gordy
Jake Gordy (Brian) was last on our stage in last season’s Looking (Andy); a performance for which he garnered a regional OCTA award. Some of his favorite past roles include [title of show] (Jeff), The Secret Garden (Captain Albert Lennox), The Real Inspector Hound (Moon), A Little Night Music (Henrik Egerman), and Pvt. Wars (Woodruff Gately) for which he garnered regional and state OCTA awards. By day, Jake is an IT Security Technical Lead, serves as the President of The Village Players, and Vice President of Glass City Academy. He would like to give a special “Thank You” Evan, and the cast for their commitment to dysfunction; and to Chris, without whom, none of this would be possible.