Who We Are

The Village Players Theatre

Mission Statement

The mission of this non-profit community theatre, including those things set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, is to provide and support a variety of opportunities, both educational and practical, which enhance and demonstrate through community outreach the various aspects of quality theatre arts.

About The Village Players

In the early 1950s, a group of well-off men and women from the Village of Ottawa Hills formed a theatre group for entertainment. Their first shows were presented with a tent as their theatre and were held in Ottawa Park. As the group continued to prosper and grow, they began to look for a new, permanent home. A small church building on Upton Avenue between Monroe Street and Central Avenue was acquired in the mid-1960s, and renovations began to turn the chapel into a true theatre space. Incorporated in 1956, The Village Players Theatre has evolved over the years into a friendly, open, community theatre presenting a wide variety of productions.

Over the years, new seats, state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, and numerous “work days” have turned the humble chapel into one of Toledo’s most-beloved performance spaces.

About Our Shows

We accept submissions for shows year-round and they are given to our Season-Selection Committee who reads every single show submitted.  At our December board meeting, the Season-Selection Committee presents its selections to the board of directors. The board reads the selections and then comes to a final consensus on the next season.